ENLIGHT Scientific Profile

Thanks to an exploratory technology intelligence-based approach, you can find below a mapping of the Research & Innovation (R&I) capacities of the ENLIGHT Alliance based on a set of selected research-related data of the nine ENLIGHT universities - Patent families data (Fampat), Scientific publications data (SciPub), and data on European funded research projects (ResPro).

Note: You will have access first to the scientific and technological profile of the ENLIGHT Alliance.
Interested in the individual profile of each university, below you can get more information.

ENLIGHT Scientific and Technological Profile 

Temporal distribution for collected SciPub

Collection, processing and analysis of specific scientific & technological data related to the nine ENLIGHT universities provides an understanding of the R&I activities of the ENLIGHT Alliance and allows similarities between the ENLIGHT universities:  R&I topic similarities and existing partnerships in order to facilitate the identification of potential collaboration areas. 

In order to identify areas where ENLIGHT has strong R&I capacity, we rely on the grid provided by the 17 Sustainable Goals Development – SDG (reliable and readable blueprint to understand and characterize scientific data and link them to the ENLIGHT flagship domains).

The mapping helped us identify similarity in terms of topic.

Overview of ENLIGHT R&I Partner’s Network

We have identified the R&I partners our ENLIGHT universities collaborate with, including both non-for-profit and for-profit organisations.


For-Profit Organisations / Non-For-Profit Organisations

ENLIGHT collaboration network based on Family Patents (GEPHI)

*One university is not represented due to specific rules related to the attribution of patents


For-Profit Organisations / Non-For-Profit Organisations

ENLIGHT collaboration network based on Research Projects (GEPHI)

For further details, the full mapping of the research and innovation capacities of the Enlight Alliance is available here.