Enlight Research & Innovation Observatory

The Observatory

The ENLIGHT Research & Innovation Observatory is a comprehensive platform of information presenting the research and innovation capacities of, and synergies between the nine ENLIGHT universities. It also collates a variety of outputs from the Alliance development related to R&I.

The Observatory seeks to identify opportunities for collaboration both within and beyond the Alliance, leading to a dynamic, common ENLIGHT Research and Innovation Agenda.

It will help monitor and visualise the evolution of the ENLIGHT research and innovation related activities.

The observatory presents the ENLIGHT scientific and technological profile as well as an overview of the research and innovation expertise of the ENLIGHT research community. It brings together the results, surveys, tools, and evidence-based policy recommendations generated in the framework of our alliance.

This initiative is part of the ENLIGHT RISE project, funded by Horizon 2020 Science With and For Society.

Our aim

To facilitate the creation of a common R&I agenda for the ENLIGHT Alliance by :

(i) facilitating the identification of expertise and potential synergies amongst the ENLIGHT universities and its external stakeholders; and

(ii) fostering exchange, mutual learning and collaboration amongst the broader ENLIGHT community.

Key numbers

  • 09 ENLIGHT partners
  • 210,043 Scientific publications
  • 3,057 Family patents
    (up to 2020)
  • 3,003 European research projects

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